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PMAD Screening for Birth Workers
March 31, 2PM - 4PM; $15

Birth workers are often the first and last to see a perinatal and postpartum family in an informal setting such as their home. Through their unique job functions and skillsets, birth workers may develop intentional and emotionally reliable relationships with clients that allow for timely, sensitive somatic and verbal communication as it relates to a family not adjusting well to pregnancy or their postpartum. Perinatal mental health screening tools may make the difference between someone's symptoms being taken seriously or not by family or clinical professionals. Learn to utilize the EPDS, PHQ9 and other important tools and bring them into your regular practice. Break through any intimidation or former gatekeeping you may have experienced -- these screenings are community tools and should absolutely be used to keep clients supported and safe during what may be a difficult perinatal mental health experience.

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